Center for Natural Medicine

The Center for Natural Medicine provides treatment for its patients through Chiropractic, Herbology, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Nutrition Therapy at two Minnesota locations: Eden Prairie and Winona.

Center for Natural Medicine

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Dr. Gregory Peterson, owner of the Center for Natural Medicine believes that regaining and maintaining health is a continuous journey, not a destination. Because of this, Dr. Peterson reached out to Blindspot Advisors to design a website to provide accurate, scientifically based information about natural medicine and its role in today’s healthcare. That’s a lot of information, and we were able to take it all and organize it into a site that is easy to read and navigate. We also added the functionality to book an appointment online between their two offices, adding further convenience for their patients.


Center for Natural Medicine


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The Center for Natural Medicine treats their patients’ illnesses and ailments, but that’s not where it ends. Dr. Peterson’s approach is to also offer preventative medicine and treatments to help patients regain overall health, and not simply put a figurative band aid on the issue. Dr. Peterson trusted Blindspot Advisors to make a website that could provide a large amount of information for patients in a way that’s not overwhelming and confusing, and Blindspot Advisors delivered.

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