We help businesses overcome their blind-spots by having the conversations that reveal strategies for marketing in the digital space and the real world. Working as a collaborative agency we then implement these strategies into the design, development, creative services, and content marketing of our partner businesses to bring what is unique about them to light for customers both old and new.

"Vision is the art of seeing what
is invisible to others." - jonathan swift


It’s so very easy to have blind spots when it comes to the digital world.  Keeping up with advances in social media, search engine optimization, and website analytics can quickly become a full time job all by themselves.  What you need is a collaborative partner agency who are experts in putting the strengths, expertise, and professionalism of your business into the digital space.  At Blindspot we work with you to develop a marketing strategy for the digital world to put your brand in front of millions of potential new customers every day.  We are not here to sell you a website; Blindspot is your on-going digital media partner that can help you build and maintain your business as a digital experience.   Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you to design and develop an online storefront that is engaging and intuitive for your clients both, old and new.   They will also ensure that your site has the latest protections to provide the highest level of security for you and your customers.  Blindspot is your one-stop agency for website design and development, marketing strategy, content management, SEO , site analytics, and point-of-sales-materials.  We work collaboratively with you to bring it all together to form a brand that will be recognized by new customers every minute of every day.  



Meet the team.


    GRANVILLE Mission Control

  • SUE

    SUE Web and Graphic Designer

  • RAJ

    RAJ Development


    JULIE SEO & Development


    ULYSSESS Inspiration

  • JESS

    JESS Copywriting


    LINDSEY Social Media

  • BUCK

    BUCK Business Development

Blindspot offers a full suite of digital agency strategies, capabilities and skills to help you create and manage your digital space.

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