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Where your digital storefront takes shape

The Design phase is where your website begins to take shape. This is where we implement the strategy from our cooperative Discovery phase; where we mold your strategy into a compelling design that will be both interesting and engaging for your digital customers. Your new website will tell the story of your business, introduce potential clients to your products and services, and present the staff who make it all possible.

We want your design to be informative, beautiful and functional. We work hard to create a site that balances content for your business with pictures of your products and services and videos that show the soul of your employees. Our websites are designed to be attractive and intuitive for your potential clients and draw attention to what makes your business unique.

This is also where we create room for all of the behind the scenes features: The links to your social media accounts, building in your SEO, and adding your choice of analytics. We can design in flexibility to allow you to add additional content like blogs, giveaways, and new product announcements.

Our sites are designed to be mobile friendly. This has become a vital new part of the digital landscape. Think of how many times you have researched a business or checked Facebook on your phone. Now multiply that by 4.7 billion mobile uses worldwide to fully see the reach of your new website’s capability.

We also build in the newest site protections to keep your information secure. Today, 30,000 websites will be hacked around the world. In 2014 alone, 317 million malware threats were created and used for attacks throughout the World Wide Web. These truly are the dark and murky waters. You need the most powerful verification and protection applications available to protect yourself and your clients for the dangers lurking in the digital space.

We use the WordPress Content Management System. It gives us the best combination of flexibility for building beautiful and easy to navigate websites, provides easy updating, and powerful website protections. It allows us to link your social media sites and blogs to draw new potential clients to your website and keep you at the top of any SEO search terms. It also gives us a great choice of analytics to watch how traffic on your site turns into leads for your sales team. WordPress allows us to tell the story of your business in words, pictures, and videos to design a website that is informative, intuitive and attractive.

If you have an old website, we can update it to give it more flexibility and reach in the digital space. We can build you a beautiful, interesting and engaging website and bring over all of your old information to give your site more powerful tools, better security, and links to social media sites that market your business to tens of millions of potential new clients every single day.

When we’re done we will have the design for a new digital storefront; one that shows off what makes your business unique in a sea of copycats and their cookie-cutter websites all around you.

Once you approve the Design, then it’s off to the final phase: Development
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"Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works." - Steve Jobs

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