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Developing Targeted web and print based materials that support your marketing

If your business is a flag, then your marketing is the pole that lets everyone see it. For many companies, their web presence is not merely a part of their marketing strategy, it’s the touchstone. Blindspot can help you with all of your on-line marketing needs. What happens, however, if you want to include point-of-sale materials, flyers, logos, business cards and letterhead into that strategy? Blindspot can handle that as well.

We can help you with brochures and flyers that beautifully tell the story of your business. We can create colorful direct mail pieces, branded promotional products and giveaways that will interest and delight potential new customers. We can also design bright and engaging point-of-sales materials for all your products and services. Our Graphic Arts team can make your marketing brand something recognized by customers throughout your industry.

Our graphic design experts can make every piece of your marketing strategy a work of art. We can help you to create a brand identity that reaches across websites, social media pages, and print materials. We can bring it all together so that each piece emphasizes your brand identity to your customer every day.

Blindspot’s creative team is equipped to help you with:

  • integrated marketing plans
  • interactive/dynamic websites
  • blogs & social media
  • logo development and brand identity
  • business cards and letterhead
  • brochures and sales sheets
  • customer/project profiles
  • media kits and press releases

Whether we’re developing a one-off for a specific event or producing a full spectrum of materials as part of a wide ranging marketing campaign, our design services will enhance your professionalism and credibility among both your current and potential clients. We know how to create brilliant marketing pieces and overall brand integration for retail stores, non-profit businesses, professional services, production industries and much, much more.

At Blindspot, our job is to make your job look great!
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“Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas” - Donatella Versace

Blindspot offers a full suite of digital agency strategies, capabilities and skills to help you create and manage your digital space.

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