At Blindspot we love the collaborative process of discovering what’s unique about an organization and how to leverage it. That’s because it’s not simply us discovering you. It’s working together to discover solutions that weren’t even in the field of vision.

  • Strategy

    Where it all starts


    Strategy Defined: A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem.

    The digital space is always changing, and always will be changing.

    Just as you begin to get the hang of your social media account, they add much, much more and you’re back to square one. However, with 2 billion social media users worldwide, your website and social media accounts are far too important to just pawn off on the intern.

  • The Design phase is where your website begins to take shape.

    This is where we implement the strategy from our cooperative Discovery phase; where we mold your strategy into a compelling design that will be both interesting and engaging for your digital customers.

    We want your design to be informative, beautiful and functional. We work hard to create a site that balances content for your business with pictures of your products and services and videos that show the soul of your employees.

    Our websites are designed to be attractive and intuitive for your potential clients and draw attention to what makes your business unique.


    Where your digital
    storefront takes shape

  • Development

    Building and Coding


    The Development phase is the on-line brick and mortar that puts your business experience onto the World Wide Web; where the fancy of your design becomes tangibly real.

    We use the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform. WordPress is not one of those one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter website templates. It gives us the flexibility to build beautiful, interesting, and engaging sites with robust functionality.

    With 44,000 plug-in options, WordPress allows us to build a site exactly to your design tastes and business needs.

  • If your business is a flag, then your marketing is the pole that lets everyone see it.

    For many companies, their web presence is not merely a part of their marketing strategy, it’s the touchstone. Blindspot can help you with all of your on-line marketing needs.

    We can help you with brochures and flyers that beautifully tell the story of your business. We can create colorful direct mail pieces, branded promotional products and giveaways that will interest and delight potential new customers.

    Our Graphic Arts team can make your marketing brand something recognized by customers throughout your industry.


    Developing targeted web and
    print based materials that
    support your marketing

  • SEO

    It’s not enough to have
    a great website; you need
    the website to be found


    Buying a website without employing Search Engine Optimization is like spending your entire budget on a commercial without buying any air time to show it to the world

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the tide that is constantly shifting below your website.

    Search Engine Optimization is finding what potential clients are looking for in an on-line business search and creatively placing that information on your website for them to find; it’s part science practice and part art form.

    Search engines are getting smarter every day. It’s no longer enough to find a dozen keywords and phrases and place them throughout your website.

  • Once we have designed and developed your website it’s time to create the content that goes within.

    Content marketing is an ongoing conversation that is happening everywhere, all the time.

    Content marketing is as old as the written language. Social Media has made content marketing more important and more powerful than ever.

    With blogs, e-newsletters, Facebook pages, Twitter handles, YouTube subscriptions and much, much more we can tell the story of your business to tens of millions of potential new customers every day.

    Content Marketing

    Joining the conversation happening all around you

    Content Marketing

"It goes back to the saying
a good plan aggressively executed is better
than the attempt of a perfect plan
that creates procrastination and frustration." - George Karl

Blindspot offers a full suite of digital agency strategies, capabilities and skills to help you create and manage your digital space.

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