Coffee Mill

Coffee Mill is a supplier and distributor of coffees, teas, and break room necessities. They have an uncommon attention to detail and customer service that puts them in a league of their own.

Coffee Mill

Coffee Mill is the Twin Cities leader in delivering coffee and break room supplies. They stock a wide range of quality coffees, teas, soups and more to cater to their valued customers and their staff.  When they were looking for a company to help increase their sales, they turned to Blindspot. We developed a strategy that included a web domain, integrated social media, branding, and point-of-sale materials to help them get the word out about their world-class tastes and services.

Coffee Mill


  • Social Media Banners & Profile Graphics
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Point of Sale Materials

Coffee Mill delivers the best tasting choices of coffee, tea, and soups straight to a company’s break room. They supply coffee makers and supplies for offices of 5 or 500 and stock a wide range of premium, gourmet, organic and fair trade coffees. When they needed assistance with their digital marketing strategy, we helped them strategize and promote for maximum engagement.

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