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3 BIG Aspects of Digital Marketing

  • March 14, 2016
  • By JJ Johnson
  • In Digital Marketing, Website

The digital marketing world is fast-paced and continually evolving.  As new forms of social media are introduced each year, there is a never-ending cycle of learning to master each of the new applications.  Each form of new media can have an impact of how your business is perceived and provides new opportunities to grow.  Understanding the basics of the how and why of digital marketing works will help to expand your understanding of exactly what Blindspot Advisors does as we strive to be ahead of the digital marketing consultant world in the Twin Cities and beyond.

If you haven’t had a chance to read our previous post on Digital Marketing for 2016 you may want some clarity of what exactly digital marketing entails. When we use the term “digital marketing” we are referring to the general use of online media as the vehicle in which we do marketing. This includes your website, e-mail, social media, blogging, pod-casts and anything else that would use technology to get your message out to the world.

  1. Home Base: Your WebsiteAny digital marketing consultant will tell you that your company’s website is the home base for your online presence.  Your website is the foundation on which people will be able to get acquainted with you before they even buy your product or use your service.  This is a strategic piece of virtual real estate that speaks volumes about who you are.  A digital marketing consultant will be able to design and implement a website that portrays the values of the company in a way that is appealing to the consumer
  1. Engagement: Social MediaUsing social media as a part of the overall marketing plan is crucial for drumming up potential business from a larger range of people.  Engaging the public via Facebook, Google +, YouTube or Twitter, to name a few, with relevant and helpful content will get you noticed.  These are the avenues in which you want to lead people to your website.  An important part of the digital marketing process is including these social resources.
  2. Information: BloggingBlogging is certainly a part of both the social media side of things as well as a great addition to any website.  Providing potential consumers with information relevant to both your service and their lives will produce a fruitful harvest.  The reason why any business is around is in order to meet some kind of need.  It doesn’t matter if you are selling lollipops or providing a dog walking service, your business exists because there is a need for your product or service.  Blogging allows you to give answers, direct and enrich people’s minds with interesting information that they otherwise wouldn’t have known.  Using blogging as a strategic piece to the digital marketing puzzle will give you a chance to not only provide information but show potential customers that you know what you are talking about.


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