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Reasons to Outsource Your SEO

  • January 28, 2021
  • By GR Harlow
  • In SEO

Now is the time to take control of your website’s SEO! No matter how big (or small) your company is, how new and updated your website is, you need to pay attention to your SEO. You can certainly tackle this on your own, but make sure you keep up with it (with a daily checklist) and don’t fall victim to common SEO mistakes. If this doesn’t sound like something you’d like to take on (we don’t blame you!), consider these reasons to outsource your SEO.

In-House Or Outsource? That Is The Question!

Buying a website without search engine optimization is like spending your entire budget on a commercial without buying any air time to show it to the world. – Unknown

You can have the greatest, most expensive website in the world, but without SEO, no one will find it! What is the point of having a great website if your audience will never see it?

Blindspot’s resident SEO expert Julie Johnson weighed in about the importance of SEO and answered some questions about outsourcing versus keeping it in-house. It is important enough to put some serious thought into how to manage it.

Did You Know…

If you aren’t tracking location in your SERP tracking you’re missing 70 percent of what users are seeing.

Smart segmentation is the key to local SEO success.

Geo-modifiers have a significant influence on organic results, it’s like asking a different question.

Does any of that make any sense to you? If the answer is no, then you have two options:

1. Learn and stay up to date with all search engine optimization best practices on a monthly basis for larger companies and on a quarterly basis for small businesses. This requires dedicated staff and additional costs for training, webinars, etc.

2. Hire a talented team that specializes in SEO.

Take It Seriously, See Results

You can’t be ranked the best by not taking this seriously and not putting in the time or money. The companies doing the most SEO are ranking at the top. It is a deliberate process that takes time, monitoring and adjusting your plan accordingly.

Search engine optimization is finding what potential clients are looking for in an on-line business search and creatively placing that information on your website for them to find; it’s part science practice and part art form. Search engines are getting smarter every day. It’s no longer enough to find a dozen keywords and phrases and place them throughout your website. Today’s search engines look for social media links, related blogs and articles, and well-crafted and informative content. Blindspot staff are masters of SEO strategies for Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN).

Ask Yourself: Can You Afford Not To?

SEO strategies turn page visits into sales leads. Can you afford not to focus on your SEO? If these reasons to outsource your SEO have you convinced, get in touch today!

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