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Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

  • February 21, 2022
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Digital Marketing

You want to make 2022 the year you create and execute a really stellar digital marketing plan, but you don’t know where to start. We’ve compiled a list of digital marketing trends for 2022 that most businesses will find fairly easy to execute and won’t break the bank. 


Using video in your digital marketing was popular last year and that popularity is projected to continue. Why? Videos are highly engaging, effective, informative, and fun! Wondering where to get started? Here are some ideas: 

•Live streams / Live Videos

•Create a reel on Facebook and Instagram

•Post a video in your story

•Make a vlog to tell your company’s story

•Highlight your customers with user generated content (more on this later)

You don’t need expensive equipment or paid actors to make successful videos. In fact, casual, authentic videos are the most effective way to connect with your audience. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing remains an important part of any company’s digital marketing plan. The difference is this year, the focus will be on simplicity. Your audience doesn’t need fluff pieces, filled with extraneous words just to fulfill the word count for your SEO initiatives. Your content marketing needs to be clear, to the point, and useful to your audience. Depending on your industry, there could be literally thousands of other websites offering your audience similar information; stand out by giving the clearest content possible. 

Online & Social Commerce

Social commerce gained popularity in 2021, and will continue to be one of the  important digital marketing trends for 2022. People spend more time on their phones and social media than ever, so it stands to reason that this remains a popular way for customers to make purchases. Large and small businesses alike have found success advertising this way, in large part because of how many different options are available. 

Targeted sponsored posts

Live Streaming & Stories


User Generated Content

Shoppable posts on Instagram

Facebook Shops

TikTok Shopping

Pinterest Pins

Twitter Shop Module

More Mobile Everything

Mobile optimization is more important now than ever. People rely on their phones for everything, even when they are at home. Companies that haven’t jumped on the mobile bandwagon yet will be left in the dust. While most businesses have likely adopted this mobile marketing strategy already, there are still many that haven’t. Your customers will not tolerate a website that isn’t mobile-optimized. They most likely will open your email marketing campaign on their mobile device and won’t waste time engaging with it if it’s not mobile-optimized. Today’s customers want to do everything they can on their mobile device (even if they are at home); if you don’t provide a good experience, they will go to your competitor. 

Voice Search

Voice search is everywhere! Siri, Google, Alexa… people are using them more than ever. 40% of adults use voice search and one billion voice searches are done each month! And by this year, it’s projected that more than half of US homes will have a voice assistant. What does this mean for your business? It means you need to really think about website content. The content needs to be conversational, because when people do a voice search, they are talking, not typing. So your content needs to have a conversational tone and include sentences and phrases that one would ask when doing a voice search. Here are some steps you can take to improve your voice search optimization:

•Use a conversational tone

•Include phrases and sentences that someone would ask about your company

•Optimize for local search by including ‘near me’ in your internal links and meta tags, referencing local landmarks, and phrases that describe the neighborhood in which you’re located 

•Claim your Google My Business page

•Include content related to frequently asked questions about your business 

User Generated Content

User generated content (UGC) is a powerful tool and definitely a growing digital marketing trend for 2022. UGC is any content produced by consumers that is posted online. Basically, any time your customers market your company for you, that is user generated content! 

•Posts on social media


•Online reviews 

•Blog posts


•Pictures and videos

•Mentions in podcasts

UGC is important because it lends credibility to your brand. Consumers trust reviews from real people. Posting reviews makes people feel they are part of an online community and gives them a voice. If someone posts negative content about your brand, be sure to engage with it immediately, work to find a resolution, and document the resolution online. 

Digital Marketing Trends for 2022… And Beyond!

This may seem like an overwhelming list, depending on your experience with digital marketing. The good news is that none of these ‘trends’ are so ‘trendy’ that they will be going anywhere any time soon. Invest the time and dollars into getting these items off the ground and running, and your hard work will pay off not just for 2022, but into future years as well. 

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