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Adapting Your Digital Marketing: Email Marketing for Covid-19

  • July 20, 2020
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Digital Marketing

Covid-19 is uncharted territory for all of us. And as we get used to what could be the “new normal” for the time being, we have to continuously adapt our email marketing for Covid-19 strategies. This is a time to get creative, be flexible, and connect with customers in unique ways. 

Yes, many businesses have had to change how they interact with clientele, but rather than giving into the what-ifs, we charge forward with an open mind and fresh strategies to keep ourselves relevant and top of mind. How do we do this? Email marketing. 

Here are five ways you can adapt your email marketing for Covid-19.

1. Acknowledge Covid-19 in Your Emails

Let your customers know you have their safety in mind and you’re aware that these are strange times we are living in. You can add in a banner, image, or brightly colored text in a solid box at the top of your email addressing Covid-19. Keep it short and sweet, but let your customers know what you are doing inside your stores to keep people safe as well as any changes to hours or policies.

2. Drive Traffic to Your Website or Online Store

Businesses with brick and mortar shops often focus their emails on what’s new in their stores, but it’s time to turn our focus to our digital presence. Don’t be afraid to reconfigure your emails and place your website or online store front and center. Get creative and personalize customer emails with links to their favorite products online, and be sure to advertise sales and deals on the web. If you don’t have products available online, it might be time to start a little shop on Etsy or talk to a digital marketing agency like Blindspot to get your website equipped for sales. And don’t forget to drive traffic to your social media sites for special giveaways, updates, and deals. 

3. Advertise Waived Shipping Fees

If your business is able to waive shipping fees, now is the time to do it! Many people aren’t excited about visiting stores right now, and if they are able to order online without the enormous shipping fee, customers will be more apt to buy. This not only saves people money, but it helps reduce complaints for slower shipping times. Make sure to advertise this loud and proud with a banner at the top of your emails. 

4. Focus on Products People Can Use at Home

While many people have been able to go back to work, many others are still working from home or preparing to homeschool. On top of that, a large majority of the activities we would usually be doing this time of year are closed. If you have the inventory available, turn your focus to items people can use at home. Think kitchen utensils, home goods, outdoor games, health and wellness products, and entertainment. Advertise these items along with helpful content on how or why people can use these at home.

5. Beware of Covid-19 Oversaturation

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, don’t overdo the Covid talk. Everyone knows what’s going on. Your customers have been reading about it, hearing about it, and chatting about Covid for months. While it’s essential to mention it, try to keep your tone light and focus on the positives. 

Remember: Stay Flexible

The times are unusual, but a creative and flexible strategy can help you adapt your email marketing for Covid. If your business doesn’t currently have an email marketing strategy in place, the Blindspot team can help your company stay relevant while reaching new customers and expanding your digital presence.


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