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Three Big Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

  • February 8, 2020
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Digital Marketing

2020 has arrived and with it comes some really exciting marketing trends we get to look forward to this year. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business just starting out or a larger company diving into your marketing plan. These are three big digital marketing trends for 2020 you will want included in your marketing strategy.

Customer Experience

The customer experience is all about personalization, brand image, easy mobile experience, and friendly and knowledgeable service. When customers have a great experience with your company, they will share it. How? Through through word of mouth, social media, and reviews.

Perhaps the biggest aspect we need to focus on in 2020 when it comes to customer experience is the human touch. People want to feel connected to your brand. Yes, we most definitely use technology to help us connect to our customers, but people today are looking for their overall experience to feel more human. 

How do we achieve this? First, we make sure websites are easy to use regardless of whether people are using their phones, tablets, or computers. Second, the site needs excellent speed, convenient ordering and shopping, and proven knowledge through well-written copy and blog posts. Another aspect of speed many businesses are focusing on is delivery – people expect short shipping and service times.

Lastly, when your customers need help, they want friendly service ASAP. Whether you use chatbots, messenger apps, or good old fashioned phone calls, people want to feel like they’ve been taken care of quickly and with enthusiasm. 

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Featured Snippets

SEO remains at the top of the list for digital importance in 2020. One of the main focuses this year when it comes to search engines is optimizing your website for featured snippets. A Google featured snippet, also referred to as “position zero” is a search result that is featured above Google’s organic search results and below the featured ads. This is a prime spot as people want information quickly when they run a search, and these snippets give them answers right there on the results page without them having to click on a website.

How do you get this coveted spot on the results page? Website optimization is key, but it’s more than flooding your site with keywords. High-quality content that thoroughly covers interesting topics is important, but it also needs to be easy to read and include strategically placed keywords. In this day in age, we have to figure out a way to write for our fellow humans and search engines to be successful.

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Shoppable Posts and Interactive Content

Social media remains an important tool for businesses. While Facebook and Twitter still dominate the social field, it’s important to keep an eye on some of the smaller guys. If you haven’t looked into Instagram or Pinterest yet, now is the time. 

Regardless of which platforms you are on, shoppable posts (aka social commerce) are becoming extremely popular. If you’re in the e-commerce business, shoppable posts could be your new best friends. These posts not only use creative visuals in ads and regular posts, but they allow users to click and shop, giving customers instant access to the products they want. The main idea here is to create less steps for your customers, decreasing the chances that your users will abandon their carts. Shoppable posts are most popular on Instagram and Pinterest right now, but you can also use these strategies on Facebook and Twitter.

Interactive content will also be hot this year. This growing digital marketing trend focuses on engaging content that offers your users an immersive experience. Interactive content can be anything from polls and quizzes to embedded calculators to augmented reality and 360-degree videos. If you’re looking for more engagement and increased brand exposure, this trend is something you will want to explore 2020.

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These 3 big digital marketing trends for 2020 are just the beginning. With the evolution of technology and ever changing human race, the marketing world needs to be on its toes at all times. If you need help navigating the digital space – whether that’s your website, social media, or blog posts – Blindspot can take the lead and get you where you need to be.

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