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3 Reasons to Choose Custom Website Development

  • October 4, 2016
  • By JJ Johnson
  • In Industry

When it comes to best business practices and the Internet, it’s no longer a question of if you need a website, but how to go about creating one.  A company without a web presence cannot thrive.  Now that this has become the rule rather than the recommendation, hundreds of templates have been made available for business owners to utilize as they seek to make their wares and skills accessible to the world.  What does this mean for custom website development and why should your business consider bypassing the “quick fix” of a template and employ a professional to build your site?

Professionally Procured

When you have a toothache, you go to the dentist.  When your car needs a repair, you find a mechanic.  The same logic applies when crafting a website.  By consulting an expert, you’ll have someone designing, launching, and maintaining your website that knows the ins and outs of web development and design.

Creative Control

Templates can be limiting.  When you choose custom website development, you can select colors, features, and elements that fit your company and best represent your brand.  You’ll have an experienced team of designers and developers working with you so that your ideas come alive through your custom site, rather than trying to squeeze brand representation from a prefabricated template.

SEO and Support

Websites crash.  Viruses are real.  Bad things happen to good websites.  If your website has been represented by custom website development, you have the assurance that someone is a call or email away to fix it and get life back to normal.  Will you have support with a template?  Most likely.  But that support may be limited, lacking in the urgency you’d hope for, or could carry hidden fees.

A word on SEO:  If you’re going to bother with maintaining a website (you should), SEO is a major concern.  If you’re unaware of the implications of SEO (many individuals are), you’re going to need help with this.  Without proper SEO, your website may as well not exist since search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo won’t rank your beautiful new site if it doesn’t adhere to their rules.


After highlighting the great aspects of custom website development, it would be imprudent not to mention that sometimes a semi-custom theme (similar to a template) is your best bet depending upon budget, your timeline, and the depth of content you’re planning to offer.  This is a great topic to bring up with the pros at Blindspot Advisors as we’ll be able to assess your needs and offer you the package best suited for your business.

Contact Blindspot Advisors today for your semi-custom or custom website development and allow the professionals here to craft a website perfectly reflective of your business and brand.

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