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Adapting Your Digital Marketing for Covid-19

  • July 8, 2020
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Advisory, Digital Marketing, Industry

To say that things are different now in the age of Covid would be a huge understatement. Everything has changed and we are all learning to adapt to the changes. Your digital marketing plan for Covid-19 needs to reflect the changing environment in which we find ourselves. And, for those without a digital presence – it’s time to get one.

Adapting -or developing- a digital marketing plan is an important way to help your business get through this, or any, crisis. This article will talk about adapting your digital marketing plan for Covid-19 (or any crisis), and we will do a deep dive into several topics in the articles to follow.

It’s important to remember – these new digital marketing initiatives you implement now will still be useful post-crisis as well. Don’t think of it as purely a temporary reaction to a short term problem.

Communicating Your Message in Times of Crisis

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for dealing with a crisis. Different industries and businesses feel the effects of a crisis in a whole host of different ways. However, the need for timely communication is important across the board. Consider the following when communicating with your audience:

• Clear, grounded messaging

• A plan for your continued business

• Updates about upcoming changes

Flexibility is Key

Chances are, you’ll have to make some pretty major changes to your current digital marketing plan, and that’s okay. Reacting to a crisis means thinking of new ways to do things in order to get through. You may have some really great ideas in your current plan that just aren’t going to work if you’re in survival mode. Don’t get stuck on those ideas if they aren’t the right ideas for the immediate future. Put those aside to use once you’re post-crisis, and move on. Focus on getting through the here and now, where your plan could change every month, week, or even day-to-day.

Relevant Content

Things that your customers cared about pre-Covid-19 may not be the same things they care about now. Do your research to find out the content your audience wants, and provide content accordingly. If you have an aging audience that may not understand how to use video conferencing, this could be a great time for a webinar training. Maybe your customers could benefit from an article highlighting tips for being more productive while working from home. Finding what your audience cares about now and changing your content accordingly will help you stay relevant to your customers through the crisis.

Boldly Go…

Uncertain times often warrant bold new plans. Your employees, customers, vendors, and partners have all been forced into an entirely new world – bring bold ideas to your digital marketing to reach them.

If your business relied on face-to-face interactions, your digital marketing presence is a great way to make your way into their lives without being in person. This could look like a social media campaign, using live video for the first time, offering webinars, hosting video events, just to name a few.

… But Don’t Go it Alone

Your digital marketing plan during Covid-19 doesn’t have to be something you tackle on your own. There are free and low-cost resources available to help you streamline your social media, create graphics, and learn more about digital marketing in general. Seek out webinars and trainings to expand your knowledge base. And remember, the experts at Blindspot Advisors are here for you. We can manage your social media, start or maintain your blog, run an email campaign, or help you with a website refresh.

Up next: Adapting Your Email Marketing for Covid-19.



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