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Are Email Campaigns Still Relevant?

  • May 4, 2015
  • By JJ Johnson
  • In Social Media

There are many different online marketing strategies that companies use to reach their audience. In an age where we get more junk mail in our inboxes than we do in our regular home mail boxes, one would wonder if this is an effective strategy to implement for your business.

Email is Still a Valuable Way to Reach Your Audience

While there is a fair amount of reasoning that some believe email is no longer a valid way to reach your audience, there are plenty of businesses that are proving this online marketing strategy  is valuable. Those campaigns that are providing value to their audience, always have a high level of success.

People still have to check their email every day. This is particularly true for those in the corporate world. When a company uses this fact to their advantage – imagine how email campaigns can benefit a business who sells to other businesses.  Even an email to a busy executive for retail (holiday shopping) clients can have an impact if email campaigns are created with this user in mind.

Interesting and Valuable Information Sent Directly to Your Inbox

Who doesn’t want to be put on a mailing list that will send interesting and valuable information to their inbox? It is a nice surprise to have information you didn’t know you needed show up in your email.

When putting together an email campaign, your audience’s needs and interest must be kept in mind. If the content you write doesn’t appeal to them, then the strategy cannot work. However, if you share valuable information that they need or find interesting, then they will open the email and engage with your company.

Emails Allow You to Directly Target Your Audience

If you are a business that has a broad audience, using email campaigns are a great way to target specific demographics. There are aspects of your products and services that will appeal to one group of people versus another.

In your marketing campaigns, you can highlight the usefulness of what you have to offer in a customized way for your audience. We’d love to help you do this in your campaigns!

Allows You to Build a Personal Brand

In online marketing strategies of today, we see the ones that are focused on personal branding the most effective. People follow other people. In your emails, you can speak directly to your audience in a personal way. We always suggest that this content be different and exclusive to what you may share on your website or social sites.  This creates a more personable approach as well as provides value from you that’s not being provided elsewhere.

When you show that you are a real person talking to real people, relationships build. This is the type of engagement that the modern day consumer is looking for.

Using an email marketing strategy has been and still is a very effective way with reaching your audience.

To find out more about our email marketing campaigns for your business – please feel free to reach out to us!  We’d love to help you improve on campaigns you may already have or build a campaign designed for you and your audience! 

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