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Blogging: why we do it and why you should start

  • November 24, 2015
  • By JJ Johnson
  • In Social Media

Blogging is an invaluable tool regardless of whether you’re a brand new company or you’ve had an online presence for years. Having a beautifully designed website is great, but if you aren’t attracting visitors, it might be time to consider adding a blog. Blogs are beneficial because they drive traffic to your website, they’re social media friendly, and they assist in establishing your company as an industry leader.

Drives Traffic to Your Website

The more traffic you have on your website, the more likely you are to gain new business or clients. If you’re frequently updating a blog, fresh content is being added to your website, and search engines love new content. Adding extra content that goes above and beyond the basics increases your chances of getting discovered through general searches. As far as content marketing goes, blogging gives you endless opportunities to insert important keywords that enhance your visibility on search engine result pages. In addition, this is an ideal spot to place in-site links directing traffic to your products or services. Increased visibility equals increased traffic which ultimately leads to potential customers.

Social Media

Blogs are a great way to share relevant information that is both useful and interesting to your customers. People love to share unique, informational content on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The better your blogs posts are, the more likely people are to re-post them, leading to greater exposure for you. Posting blogs on social media gives customers direct access to your site, and once they are there, there’s a good chance they will stick around and browse through the rest of your website. Having a presence on social media also gives your company an opportunity to let people know who you are and what you are about as well as giving you a voice.

Industry Leader

People like to know they are dealing with experts, especially when it comes to business. Having a blog allows you to showcase your expertise by providing reliable and accurate information people know they can depend on. People also like to know they are dealing with humans, so this is a place for you to let your personality shine through and let your visitors know you care about them and their opinions. Adding a comment section to your blog opens up the doors to customer feedback and gives you a chance to interact and build a sense of community with consumers. Lastly, a blog is an ideal place to post product updates, press releases, and company updates so your customers can see what you’re up to.

In summary, blogs contribute to your businesses overall marketing strategy. Creating and maintaining a blog not only allows you to reach more potential customers, it raises your visibility in internet searches driving more traffic to your website. Social networking provides free exposure and when done right, leads potential customers back to your website. Finally, quality content that is both relevant and informational lets people know that you’re an authority and that they can depend on you and your services to get the job done.

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