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Content Media Marketing versus Social Media Marketing – Knowing the Difference

  • August 24, 2015
  • By JJ Johnson
  • In Social Media

According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, the most effective tools for marketing to date are articles, social media, blog postings, and eNewsletters. With social media’s growing popularity (now used by an estimated 74% of marketers) it seems that defining where social media marketing begins and content media marketing ends has become a grey area.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing uses updates (polls, links, retweets, posts) within the networks of the social media world. This means promoting internal content within these channels, and often giving clients a chance to interact directly with your company. Allowing your customers (both current and potential) a chance to voice their opinions and make suggestions helps promote your company’s credibility. By allowing an open forum for communication, customers are more likely to invest in your product.

Content Media Marketing

Though often promoted on social media, content media marketing’s core is your company site. Since your site is outside of social media, its core is your domain (so links on social media to your site count as content media marketing, not social). Within content media marketing, generating a steady stream of content becomes crucial. The keywords and the amount of content on your site directly effects its search engine rankings. In addition, the level of the content written plays a role in your presentation both internally and when indexed through outside sources.

Best of Both Worlds

At Blindspot, we use a mixture of content and social media marketing to promote our clients. With social media’s tremendous ability to drive site traffic, it would be foolish not to. By generating well-written, consistent material utilizing keywords and backlinks, we promote highly effective SEO. Through social media we’re able to make the scope of your content’s audience even wider—both within the social networks and outside of them.

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