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Your Digital Success in 2018: What You Need to Know

  • January 2, 2018
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Advisory, Digital Marketing

The digital universe is an ever-changing one. New developments are imminent, constant, fill-in-the-blank with more synonyms that mean: they’re always happening. How does this affect you, your company, and your digital success in 2018? What should you be focused on in the coming year to promote your digital storefront and increase revenue for your company?

Here’s a list of items you need to consider and ways that Blindspot Advisors can partner with you in your success:


This is our maintenance division. We’re going to use the ever-popular analogy of your car here: it needs oil changes. Tire rotations. Fluid checks. Parts need to be updated. This is a given, right? The same concept applies to your website. It’s frustrating, annoying; we get it. No one likes maintenance, but it has to be done if you want your site to do its job.

These are the items we’re talking about:

Backing up the precious data on your website

If your site crashes, you will be upset if you don’t have up-to-date backups. We cannot restore your site without backups. Backups are a must.

Malware Security

Want to prevent nasty stuff from taking over your site? You need malware for that. You need us to get it properly set up and implemented.

WordPress Updates and Plugin Updates

Without proper updates, your malware doesn’t function well. Your website isn’t sealed up. Holes open up for hackers. Updates need to be performed to keep everything functioning perfectly. Perfect functionality increases the safety of your website exponentially.

Content and Page Changes

Your business changes and grows, and as it does, your website should reflect that. Send us your changes and we’ll plug them into your site to keep it fresh, current, and reflective of your brand ideals.


Most companies have a basic understanding of SEO and many don’t care to learn anything more. That’s ok. That’s why we take care of it for you.

Tune in now: it is still an important aspect of your digital presence. We need your company to get found and rank in the SERPs (search engine results pages) for your website to even make sense. Let us get you indexed with an XML map, and here’s an important update that rolled out in 2017: get your SSL certificate. You need this for digital credibility. Here’s more information on that.

Content Marketing

If you have a website presence (which you should in 2018 – if you don’t, stop now, contact us, and we’ll get that taken care of), you’re selling something. You have a service, a product, or something you’re looking to generate revenue with by drawing in a targeted audience.

You need to develop that audience, find them, and enter their space. They need to see you in order to become a customer and eventually a loyal fan of your brand. Blindspot Advisors will make this happen for you.

Social media campaigns are an effective method of reaching and interacting with your target audience. Get in front of them, impress them with what you have to offer, and convert them from traffic into revenue. Keep them warm with regular updates and a vivacious social media presence. Remind them regularly of what you offer.

Don’t have the time? Not many businesses do, and that’s why we do it for them. Let us manage your social media and content marketing for you so you can do what you’re best at.


Keep your business flourishing with professional and adept management of your digital space. Make sure the backend, the frontend, and the outreach of your online presence are continually revitalized to stay on track with digital change. Boldy thrive in 2018 with Blindspot Advisors: focus on your material storefront while we orchestrate the success of the digital one.

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