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How to Create an Effective About Us Page

  • May 9, 2019
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Advisory, Digital Marketing, Website

Creating an effective About Page may not be at the top of your list of importance, but it should be. While this page isn’t going to be stop number one for the majority of your visitors, the odds are high that first time customers will check out your About Page before leaving your site.

Can a poorly executed About Page negatively impact your website visitors? Absolutely. The biggest downfall of most About Pages is that they are boring and passive. It’s great if your company won hundreds of awards, but all the accolades in the world aren’t going to make your readers feel something – and unaffected readers do not turn into customers.

Check out this list of websites with creative about pages, sure to lend you some inspiration. Ready to create a more effective About Page? Here are 5 tips to help you turn visitors into return customers.

1.  Be Unique

People visit hundreds of websites every month, so it’s imperative that your brand makes a lasting impression. Stay away from generic copy full of corporate talk and take advantage of your own individual voice. This is your one chance to really let your readers know who you are and what you’re about – don’t be afraid to inject your personality into your copy.

2.  Be Approachable

If you’re meeting a new client in person you probably aren’t going to read them your most recent magazine article or brag about your favorite award – so why would you plaster these things all over your About Page?

If you want people to be excited about your business, you need to sound excited about your business. They should want to kick their shoes off and stay awhile after being introduced to you, your team, and your awesome mission. Don’t shy away from using catchy headlines, candid photos, videos, and personal stories. If you’re not a boring drone in real life, don’t give that impression in the digital space.

3.  Be Invaluable

The About Page is there so your readers can learn more about your company and what makes you tick, but what people really want to know is, “What can you do for me?”

Mission statements are important, however, they can get extremely lengthy and generic. If you want to get the attention of your visitors, make it clear how your company is going to benefit them. How are your services or products going to change your readers life? Make your business invaluable.

4.  Be Conversion Minded

Hopefully your visitors want to spend time getting to know you on your About Page, but don’t let this be their last stop. If you want to turn a reader into a customer, you need to focus on conversions. How do we do this? The simplest way is to utilize Call To Actions (CTA).

Invite your users to meet your team, explore products, or sign up for your newsletter. You don’t need to go crazy and provide links to every page on your website, but a few strategically placed CTA’s can go a long way when it comes to conversions.

5.  Be Team Oriented

What makes your company truly special? Your team.

If you want to be unique, stay away from the usual name, title, and photo and get creative. Want to highlight why your employees are so amazing while creating trust and interest? Jazz up team member profiles by including interesting facts, passions and interest, favorite quotes, funny questions or videos.


There is no “right way” to design an About Page, but there is a lot to be said for being different and standing out from the crowd. Need help creating a unique and effective About Us page that will convert visitors into customers? Contact Blindspot today and let’s talk!

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