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Homepage Design: Best Practices

  • February 21, 2019
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Advisory, Website

The homepage is by far the most important page on your website. This is likely the first place your potential customers are going to visit, and in the digital world, first impressions are everything. So, what does a great homepage look like? Read on to learn about 4 important homepage design elements.

Homepage Design Element #1: Show Who You Are

Because your homepage is going to receive the bulk of your website traffic, you want to make it very clear who you are as a business. Displaying your logo and company name clearly at the top of your homepage will let your visitors know at a glance who you are. Consistency is key, so this same logo (as well as color scheme, font, etc.) should appear across your website.

Blindspot Advisors recently created a stunning website for the Beard Group with the main goal of showcasing their values and expertise. Their logo and company name is placed strategically on the their homepage so it draws the eye of visitors while remaining cohesive with the rest of the page.


Visit The Beard Group


Homepage Design Element #2: Explain What You Do

Almost as important as who you are is what you do. When people visit your website, they want to know within a few seconds what you can do for them. A short, strong, concise headline is the perfect way to let your potential customers know exactly what you have to offer in only a few words.

Blindspot Advisors created an intuitive  website for Department Q that utilizes fantastic visuals as well as clear objectives. As the image shows above, website visitors immediately know what Department Q offers by the bold headline. In addition, customers can easily learn more about their services by clicking the strategically placed “What We Do” button below the headline.


Visit Department Q


Homepage Design Element #3: Clear Navigation

Once your customers have viewed your homepage, make it easy for them to explore the rest of your website. When you place your navigation at the top of your homepage in a visible space, you are creating a simple path for your visitors to use. Search boxes are a bonus when it comes to finding specific information.

Blindspot developed a clean, user-friendly website for Springsted that’s extremely easy for customers to explore. The navigation is placed clearly in the upper right hand corner, and the search box is easy to locate.


Visit Springsted


Homepage Design Element #4: Features and Benefits

After sharing WHAT you do, it’s a good idea to let your users know WHY they should do business with you. Let your visitors know the benefits of working with you, and a give them an idea of what products and services you provide.

Blindspot’s main goal when creating the website for Reliable Plus was to build an appealing storefront that immediately drew in clients with top-notch branding and concise information. Users are able to quickly read about the main services offered by Reliable Plus as well as their dedication and passion for their car wash partners.  


Visit Reliable Plus



Blindspot builds custom websites that focus on promoting the strengths and expertise of your company. We avoid cookie cutter websites. Your business is unique and your site should reflect your exceptional services and values. If you’re ready to engage your customers with a brilliant digital storefront that will turn views into sales, lets talk. Contact Blindspot today to learn more about our custom builds and homepage design best practices.

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