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How the Facebook Pixel Can Increase Your Engagement and Drive Sales

  • March 7, 2018
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Advisory, Digital Marketing, Social Media

If your business is alive and well, it’s likely got a Facebook presence. If it has a Facebook presence, you probably know about Facebook ads and how powerful they are (there’s no larger audience, after all). But did you know about the pixel? This is a tool that will take your Facebook ads and make them worth the time you’re putting into curating, testing, tweaking, and updating the little money makers.

Super Smart So You Don’t Have to Be

With the pixel, you can create an audience for a Facebook ad based on the people that visited your website. You already know those folks are interested in your product, so that takes out a large piece of guesswork and testing. When you integrate the pixel with your website, it does the computing for you. Voila, you have a custom built audience (that you know likes your stuff) you barely lifted a finger to build.

Performance and Optimization for All

Optimize your ads to reach and sell to an ideal, dare we say, perfect audience. Want them to buy? Donate? Subscribe? Cool. Get your ads in front of people who want to do that for you. You know they’re out there, the pixel simply makes it easier to connect with them.

Oh, and you’ll be able to keep track of everything too. What happens after people click the ad? Lost in cyberspace? Reincarnation? Black hole? No more wondering. Intimately understand how your ads are functioning and what people are doing after they click through. The pixel tracks the happenings that are key to your success.

Oh, oh it’s magic…No. It’s the Facebook pixel.

The implementation of the Facebook pixel is relatively simple. It only takes a few minutes; no joke. You don’t need a lot of tech knowledge to make it happen, but then again, your friendly digital help and social media marketing company can make this happen for you in a jiffy. And while you’re at it, let them curate and run those ads for you. You’ve got enough on your plate.

Contact the pros at Blindspot-Advisors to jumpstart your Facebook ads with the powerhouse Facebook pixel. While you’re at it, hire us to keep your ads rolling and you raking in the dough.

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