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Importance of Social Media for B2B Companies

  • April 3, 2015
  • By JJ Johnson
  • In Social Media

Social media for B2B companies is increasingly being used to generate leads, understand their customer sentiments and gain valuable insights.

Business marketing revolves around communicating the value of your offering to other businesses who serve as your customers. This is where social media and blogging steps in to help increase your brand’s visibility and credibility through multiple channels.

The various social media channels that could be effectively utilised by B2B companies include webinars, free reports/journals, professional groups, forums and blogs. Most successful B2B companies use one or more of these channels to leverage the power of social media.

How does social media work in business marketing?

Social media helps your business distribute a variety of content through different channels. So, basically you are providing something for every kind of business buyer.

• It indirectly helps in SEO
• Reviews and blogs help in establishing a brand’s visibility and also in communicating to the business world, how your company is driving change or innovation
• Blog posts that showcase new products or services and even focusing on case studies help to brand you as an industry leader
• Social media analytics helps B2B companies to gain precise insights into what business buyers are looking for from your company


Social media is a lot about life. In B2B social media, yes you want to focus on your business and products – but only focusing on that can create a dull overview of your company.

Social media is “social” … so showcasing the fund things going on in your firm is a great way to create a sense of personality to your company and show the “human” side to your business. Social media is created solely for the purpose of communication, when B2B companies use social media as a tool for their conversation, your potential customer knows about you and your personality when they start a conversation with you.


Many companies jumping on the social media marketing bandwagon are doing so with the goal of building brand awareness. From local businesses to multinational brands, social media for B2B marketing can provide new ways for the brand to get closer to its current customers. Great content can be distributed widely. When more people read it, they also learn about your company and solutions you have to offer. The more you post pictures of your business online, the more the posts/pictures are noticed by potential buyers. For example, when a retail store posts products on Facebook or Instagram, those posts will find their way to potential buyers curious about the product and generates new potential customers.


New product launches can be very difficult sometimes. Once you’ve created your product, it needs to be sold. Social media is a great way to create excitement prior to a launch. It also helps you identify any potential questions or issues that may come up on your product/service prior to actual launch. What a better way to have issues taken care of before launching a product! This also helps to build a community around your brand by inviting people to comment on a product and see a product prior to launch before the general public. Take a look at Kickstarter and its success … how many people love to be in on a product before launch … lots of potential for a business!


Social media is the easiest and the most convenient way to reach out to the maximum customers with very little efforts. Many people trust the websites that have top search ranking. The top rank on search engine increases the business traffic. For companies selling to other companies, social media plays an important role in increasing your rank online, especially if your business is a source of links through a blog and acts as a way to promote your own content/calls to action. By sharing your company’s expertise in social media, you improve brand awareness and affinity for the brand.

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