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Ready to Refresh Your Website? Learn About Blindspot Development (Plus: Theme Examples)

  • July 10, 2018
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Advisory, Website, Wordpress

We’ve had something in the works for some time now to make your site redesign or build process wonderfully simplified (and our jobs easier!). Clarity is something we’re constantly striving to implement into our business strategy and this new tool is a huge assist in that endeavor. We crafted a development page specifically designed to help you decide which route to choose for your website rebuild or new design.

And we’re so excited about it that we slotted a whole blog post to share it with you. If you’re not a read til the end type, head there now and check it out for yourself (but we think you should read this first; it’ll help give you the lay of the land and purpose behind the project)!

First things first:

The Why

One of our biggest challenges with website curating is helping our clients select whether they’d like a custom or semi-custom website build. Here’s why: they don’t fully understand the concepts behind each choice. And that’s our fault for sending mixed messages.

With this new page, we can give you an exact idea of what you’re getting with the build package you choose. *sigh of relief* No more uncertainties as to whether you made the right choice. And no more frustration on either of our parts when we’re halfway through a project and realize you signed on for the wrong route.

The Other Why

We also created this development page and the concepts within to cut your costs down by significantly slicing away design and development time. How you may ask? Our semi-custom concept sites are laid out so that when you decide, “Hey, I really love the way this site looks. I want this for my brand/company,” we can take your branding, content and particular business needs and plug them in. By using a preset design, custom coding and design time are reduced significantly, thereby making this a highly economical (and popular) selection.

Visualization is key when you’re figuring out what you want in a website. With the option to see live and example sites like we’ve provided on our development page, you’re one step closer to seeing your company well represented on the web. When everyone’s on the same wavelength, projects move more smoothly, relationships are better navigated, and the end product is one that everyone’s proud to be a part of.

Ok, now head over to the new page and click around a bit. We thoroughly enjoyed creating it for you and hope you find it to be a useful tool as you dream and plan for your refreshed online presence.

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