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Website Customization and How to Choose What’s Best for Your Brand

  • March 15, 2018
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Website

Building a website for your company is exhilarating. It’s full of possibility, the change gives life to your stagnant online presence, and you have renewed control over how your audience sees and engages with you digitally. It’s a big job. And for big jobs, there are often many ways to achieve the end goal. The same is true with website design, development, and customization.

Website Customization Levels: Semi-Custom versus Custom

When we talk about website customization, we’re talking primarily about semi-custom versus custom builds. Builds that don’t require a designer and builds that come alive with one. Projects that are endlessly customizable and those that are limited by built-in constructs.

There are pros and cons to each type of build and the choice you make is completely dependent upon your industry, your company, and the specifications of your business model.

Where do you land?

You may need a custom build if you’re hanging out in this sphere:

–You have a healthy web build budget.
–Your company needs custom built out pages to properly reflect your services or goods.
–You want full customization options for every aspect of your site.

You may be perfectly satisfied with a semi-custom build if you land here:

–Your budget doesn’t leave room for a designer.
–You don’t need much customization; your business is simple, straightforward, and easily represented.
–Each and every piece of design on the site isn’t that important. You just want a beautiful, functional website.

Whichever category bests suits your company’s needs is the right choice for you. If you think you need a fully customizable site but can’t swing the cash for that, see what a semi-custom build can afford you for now. Upgrade later when your cash flow increases or you’ve set aside the funds for a fully custom build.

While a custom build may seem like the website Mecca for successful companies, it’s simply not true. Many online brands thrive on a semi-custom website that’s suited perfectly for their needs. Here’s an example of a semi-custom site, here’s another, and here’s yet another. Not too shabby, right? These are gorgeous, responsive, and effective websites built in a semi-custom framework.

Pros and cons of each website build type:


Semi-Custom Build

Custom Build


     -Less expensive

     -Less experience needed to make minor changes

     -Fully customizable

     -Not reliant upon theme updates


    – If creator of theme doesn’t keep up with best practices, site could experience breaks

     -Lacks full customizability


     -More experience needed to make minor changes


That’s a pretty even playing field. Weigh your options and choose wisely. This is an important place of residence for your business and is your online real estate. Treat it with that kind of care and respect and you’ll thrive in the digital universe.

Whichever website build type you choose, you can be confident that it will reflect your needs and goals when you partner with Blindspot-Advisors. Contact us today with any questions about designing and developing your online space.

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