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Use Social Media Marketing During Covid-19 to Grow Your Business

  • April 23, 2020
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Advisory, Digital Marketing, Social Media

We are living in a strange world right now. Times are tough for many of us, and the daily stressors that come from working at home, homeschooling the kids, and the lack of entertainment can make us all feel a little insane. But, you know what isn’t closed and can provide hours of entertainment for people? Yup, you guessed it: social media! If you’re trying to find a way to connect with your customers and sustain your business, turn to social media marketing during COVID-19. 

Regardless of what platforms you are utilizing, there are many ways social media can help grow your business during Covid-19. If you aren’t on social media (and you really should be), shoot us a message and let’s get you set up! 

Keep People Thinking About Your Brand

Your business may be closed now, but it’s not going to last forever. Just because you aren’t currently meeting with or serving customers, that doesn’t mean your company isn’t still relevant. Social media is the perfect way to keep people thinking about, and talking about, your brand. Be sure to post at least twice a week on your social pages so your accounts are up to date and people can see you’re still active. Not sure what to post about? Talk about what you’re doing as a company, give updates on new products you’re creating, share pictures of you and your team at home with your families, chat about renovations taking place at the office, or share upcoming projects that will happen when your doors are open. 

People Love Giveaways

Money is tight for a lot of people right now. What better way to raise spirits than with a free giveaway? If you’re a retail company, consider giving away samples, a gift card, or one of your best selling products. If you provide a service, think about giving away a gift card to a popular retailer like Amazon or Target. Want to keep it local? Give away a gift card to a neighborhood restaurant. 

There are a variety of ways you can go about doing your giveaway on social media. Popular games include “guess how many” (like jellybeans in a jar), commenting on and sharing the giveaway post, entries for inviting friends to like your business page, tagging friends in posts, or entries for making a purchase. 

It’s Time To Go Live

If you aren’t comfortable with options like Facebook Live, it’s time for some practice! If you’re a retailer, choose a few products, go live and show them off! Then, most importantly, give people the option to purchase online. Do you provide a service? Go live and talk about what you do and how your services can benefit your viewers. If you offer training or classes of any kind, have people sign up for a Zoom call and do it virtually. Is your business all about creating or building? Go live and show your followers how you create that awesome paint job or build your custom furniture. When you go live, you invite people to be a participant in your businesses rather than just a bystander.

Make it Happen Today!

Social media marketing during COVID-19 is a fantastic tool that can help you grow your business. Frequent posts, thoughtful giveaways, and live videos are the perfect way to stay relevant during this difficult time and engage with customers. If people are at home scrolling through social media, why not give them the opportunity to scroll through your social platforms and website? Need help posting or coming up with creative giveaways or ideas for live videos? The Blindspot team would love to help you up your social game! Shoot us a message and let’s chat.

Now is also a great time to do those upgrades to your website you’ve been putting off. Here are some great tips to get the ball rolling on some updates.

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