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The Problem with Security and Digital Marketing and what your Marketer Needs from You

  • November 22, 2017
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Advisory

Efficiency is important. It’s important to you, it’s important to us. We love it when client interactions and jobs go smoothly and we’re able to work through a task list or web design in record time. It’s a thrill and our aim with every client.

Life and work don’t always happen this way. There are delays, frustrations, and roadblocks that prevent us from doing our jobs and as a result distracts you from doing yours. We wanted to put together something to help. We hope this will be a step toward solving the access dilemma that frustrates far too many digital marketing relationships.

Test it and test it again. Then be available.

Security is a necessary feature of business and the internet keeps upping the ante. Encryption layers are added, password requirements are more complex, and access takes multiple steps. These access hurdles are not limited to digital marketing firms, but they do present unique challenges to our business. In order to create a more seamless and timely experience, here are some considerations we need you to make with your access information.

  • Test your usernames and passwords before sending them over; don’t assume the list you created a year ago (or even a month ago) is up to date.
  • Realize that initial logins may require you to be on the phone with us or immediately available in case further verification is needed.
  • Be prepared for the access process to be highly participatory on your end. Gone are the days when a simple list of login information is all that’s needed.

As the internet becomes more security conscious, we need you to follow suit and recognize that we don’t own your accounts. We also don’t own the companies that oversee your accounts. Our access is very limited without your assistance, and we can’t move forward without access.

Safe, Secure, and Slow

Time is money. It’s our money and your money. Don’t waste it by sending over incomplete login information or being unavailable during critical login processes. We will do everything we can to facilitate accessing what we need to in order to complete our tasks, but we need you. We need you to to be personally available or have a point person who has the correct information and tools to assist us.

Security is good in that it keeps your information safer. It’s a problem when it prevents us from doing our jobs efficiently. Help us help you by testing your information thoroughly and communicating openly and effectively. Be available so that we can all do our jobs with excellence and timeliness.

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