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The Rise of Cybercrime and How to Eliminate Website Hacks

  • February 7, 2018
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Advisory, Website

Your website is at a higher risk for infiltration than ever before. Why? Why are we seeing an uptick in hacked sites, stolen information, and failing firewalls? The quick answer is this: supply and demand. More people are learning to hack websites to make money, steal valuable information, and wreak havoc for the general public. More websites mean more opportunity and those inclined to hack see dollar signs. Read on to learn how to eliminate website hacks and more about website hacking. 

Next Level Gaming

This is more than simple opportunity, however: it’s an addiction that runs on the same concept and brain pathways as video games and drugs. Friends will challenge their friends to see who can hack into a website the fastest. Many people use WordPress and passwords that are common and easily guessed. This opens the door to your website and account information. It’s imperative to keep systems up-to-date and passwords complex and difficult to crack.

Trolling Bots

Holding hands with these hackers is the world of bots. Bots are software applications that run scripts (automated tasks). For example, one bot can crawl from site to site trying a certain username and password combination, depending upon their coding. Websites that have easy to predict credentials and faulty firewalls are at high risk of being infiltrated by a bot. They can hack at a far higher rate of speed than a human and are dangerous and invisible to the general public. Bots are being created at a higher rate as hackers implement them into their strategy.

These are your viruses, your spambots, your bandwidth-sucking downloader programs (not good), traffic-manipulating bots…all nasty, all malicious, and all critters you do not want breaking into your site.

Rising Tide of Crime

Cybercrime is on the rise. The internet is seeing more viruses and hackers every day. If it seems like you’re hearing of more hacks, data breaches, viruses, malware, cyber attacks and identity theft, it’s because simply put, you are. These incidents are increasing at an alarming rate. As people put more of their life, finances, and personal information online each year, more targets gather in one place and hackers perfect their craft.

The Race is On

These threats are no secret. Software companies, gadget manufacturers, banks, retailers, and even hospitals and schools are locked in an arms race with hackers to constantly plug up security holes. Meanwhile, clever hackers push harder to develop innovative ways to trick people out of money and information. Unfortunately, many of us make it easy for crooks to have their way.

Advanced hackers are engineering tools that allow intermediate and even beginner hackers to pull off tough jobs. That means more hackers with advanced tools are swarming the internet, so chances are good that sooner or later your site will be a target.

Fight Back

Lots of doom and gloom here, right? There is good news. There are highly motivated and intelligent folks who are working against the cybercrime industry to help eliminate website hacks. They’re creating tougher firewalls, better regulations, and deeper layers of security. Our job is to follow the rules of best practice, keep our websites updated and backed up, and increase the complexity of our passwords.

Eliminate Website Hacks Now with Blindspot Advisors

Be aware of security protocol, keep up with site maintenance, cycle those complex passwords, and stay one step ahead of the bad guys. If you find yourself lacking the time to keep your information secure, hire a reliable company to give you hand. Experts like the team at Blindspot-Advisors will be your partner in protecting your valuable online storefront. Contact us today for more information.

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