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Using SEO Rich Tweets to Expand Your Online Presence

  • November 18, 2015
  • By JJ Johnson
  • In Social Media

When reading about anything in relation to online marketing or building a virtual presence, and you will eventually run into content talking about SEO. There is no way around it, SEO is critical for ensuring that your content is relevant to potential customers. Optimizing your business’ website is vital to a successful online reach and should done first by a professional SEO company, to make sure that you maximize your results. After initial professional SEO services, you can move into social media venues, such as twitter, to continue to cast your net further into the virtual world.

The Rundown

The magic number of characters allowed in a Twitter post is 140. It’s not much space so when using this form of social media, it’s important to pack a lot of punch in the small amount of space given. To help you to optimize your business, you will want to use relevant keywords in your Twitter posts. Doing this, and adding links to articles or websites, will promote the products or services that you offer.

Twitter and Google work together to bring the most relevant information to users. So if you are being SEO conscious on your Twitter post, Google will pick up on it and help bring your content to the top of the page.

Reach the Unreached

In many ways, Twitter is like an open forum type of networking. As you post relevant and engaging content, people are likely to follow your brand and re-tweet your post, which in turn, exposes you to entirely new networks in just a matter of seconds.

More Frequent Communication

In this fast-paced world, there is no time to sit back and relax if you want to be noticed. You have to be active and continually communicating with clients and potential customers if you want them to remember you when they need your service or product.

One of the greatest benefits of twitter is that it works in real time. It allows your posts to be accessed instantly. Making for an effective place to post flash-deals, relevant tips and notable thoughts that may be compelling to your client base. Not only can you post instantly, you can also get feedback and replies quickly, that give you an advantage of adding more point of contact moments with twitter users.


Here is an example of how this way works on a local level. Let’s say there is a business that sells fruit and they want to sell it to the local market. The most strategic way for them to go about optimizing their website and Twitter post would be to utilize a local SEO company. This would give them the upper hand to know what kinds of keywords people in their area are searching for, in relation to fruit. From there, they would take their keywords given to them by their SEO company in Minnesota, and add them to their posts on Twitter. Relevant information for this type of company and the customers who are interested in buying local fruit could be recipes, farmers market information, and tips on how to prep or clean your produce, etc.

When looking to expand your business’ online presence, don’t hesitate to take advantage of Twitter as a social media outlet. It allows you to make quick, meaningful posts that connect you with your customers instantly. Incorporating keywords given to you by your local SEO company will allow you to make the most of your 140 character posts.

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