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Are You An Evangelist?

  • October 30, 2018
  • By GR Harlow
  • In Advisory, Digital Marketing, Industry, Social Media

Are you an Evangelist? If you own a company, you absolutely have to be! Here are four ways you can increase brand recognition for your business.  

1. Use Social Media

Whenever you publish a new blog post, always share it on social media. By posting on social media,  (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit or whatever social platform you use), you continually build your community, your brand recognition, and ultimately drive more business due to top of mind awareness.

Let’s take a quick test of your top of mind awareness. Without Googling anything or looking in your laundry room, immediately name as many laundry detergent brands as you can. Most people can think of three to five different brands and then they stop. Their eyes go up and to the left to access their deeper memory to think of other brands. This shows that top of mind awareness is limited to two to four brands. This applies directly to your business: Do you want to be in the top three to five, or would you rather be relegated to the black hole of the unknown? (We think the answer is pretty obvious.)

2.  Build an Email List- And Use It

An email list is used to build relationships, not just to sell product. If you solely focus on selling a product to those that subscribe or opt in to your email list, eventually they will unsubscribe. Most sales take around eight ‘touches,’ or contacts, for the prospect to buy. If your first contact is an email capture and you try to sell them immediately, this will likely be a turn off. The trick is to consistently add value by directing them to your interesting, relevant blog posts. Not only will this get potential customers back to your website, but these people may share your content on their social media, ultimately expanding your brand’s recognition and reach.

3. Run a contest

Contests are great ways to promote your blog. By using social media, you can collect entries which can include blog comments, social shares and email signups. In order to collect these names and potential customers, you need to make sure that your prize is exciting enough that people take the time to enter. However, be cautioned that you want to make sure that the prize is interesting and helpful to your target market. You don’t want to attract  tire kickers that are not targeted prospects.

4. Be Active in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are great place to promote your content. More than likely you are a member of some type of Facebook group that is related to your industry. If you’re not, do a quick search to find some groups to join. This is great opportunity to network, get ideas for upcoming blog topics, and gain an eager audience when you’re ready to share your completed work (In most cases posting a quality blog is fine, but be mindful of the groups rules).


Now get out there and shout your company’s message from the social media rooftops! You need to be where the people are! With the increased traffic and brand recognition, you’ll be glad you did.


“I want to put a ding in the universe.” - STEVE JOBS

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