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B2B Lead Generation: Your Website Matters

  • May 22, 2017
  • By JJ Johnson
  • In Digital Marketing, Website

Let’s be honest, B2B marketing is tough. Lead generation continues to be one of the main concerns of small-medium businesses, but don’t give up hope yet. Your company website (if you don’t have one, it’s time to get onboard) can be a huge asset for generating leads.

While some businesses are more comfortable with traditional marketing techniques like print ads, online marketing is a must in today’s world. Nowadays, if people are interested in a business, they head to their website and explore everything from services and employees to products and credentials. Your website becomes the face of your company

If your  business doesn’t have a website, or if your current website hasn’t been updated for months or years, this is something you will want to do ASAP. If you have a well-designed, user friendly website, it’s important that you are able to monitor how effective it is. There are easy-to-use tools out there like Google Analytics that will help you answer important questions such as: How many people are visiting my site? What pages are people visiting? How long are people staying on my site?

A great lead generating website that will complement your other marketing efforts generally features the following;

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization helps your website get found through search results.
  • Keywords: Terms or words that are commonly searched for and will help visitors find your content.
  • High quality content: Updated, meaningful content, like blogs, that are valued by your audience.
  • Calls-to-Actions (CTAs): These are messages included in your content that persuade your visitors to act, such as subscribing to a newsletter, signing up for a demo, or downloading an eBook.
  • Links: Links are great for directing your visitors where you want them to go within your website.

Once your website accurately represents your company, how do you increase traffic and generate more leads? Here are a few tips for getting people to your site, keeping them there, and having repeat visitors.

User Focused

Quality websites are user friendly, meaning they are easy to navigate, visually appealing, and guide the user where they need to go. Information should be clearly stated, and your visitors shouldn’t have any problem finding what they came for. If they have to click aimlessly around your site to find a specific service or your contact info, it’s time for some changes.

Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to be extremely effective when it comes to generating lead. When you provide potential customers with useful information, there’s a good chance they will return to your website and look to your company for expert advice. The most common form of content marketing is blogging. Keeping your blog updated with fresh, quality content is great for increasing your ranks in search engines results and holding your audience’s attention.

Data Collection

Websites have the potential to quickly and easily collect contact details for you. These forms can be used for things like newsletters, giveaways, and inquiries. Your users don’t want to spend hours filling out their information, so a few questions that can be answered in a matter of seconds is ideal.  A digital marketing consultant is a great resource when it comes to strategy and deciding what information should be gathered and for what purpose.

Social Media Marketing

Social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are great for directing traffic back to your website. While these social sites may not generate endless leads on their own, social media is a gathering place for millions of people, so it’s worth it to be active and keep your pages up-to-date. Sharing landing pages, videos, images, and company updates are all wonderful ways to lead traffic back to your website.

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